A poem based on the story of Joesph in Genesis 39

Joesph longed to escape, from toil, jail, and endless betrayal.

Seemingly bleak, tangled, and excessively intricate, trapped like a rat spinning around chasing its tail feeling quite frail.

Could he escape when circumstances dictate?

Hopeless, messy, and too complicated,

God is bigger, He is his treasure and loved beyond all measure.

He sought refuge in God’s embrace and trusted His route when he could have lost face.

God cared, saw, and did not take pleasure in the struggle that was his measure.

God made a way when there was no way, set a prisoner free from bondage and pain.

Trapped by his past, Joesph believed in the best and served God nevertheless.

His escape was different, not what was expected, a promotion, restoration after years of perseverance and not being accepted.

If you feel trapped, keep your focus and know there is a God who is bigger than your circumstances.

Come what may, in His arms, you’ll find your way.


  1. This is such a lovely reflection on the life of Joseph, Leisa. There’s so much in his story that gives me hope. Thanks for sharing. Kath, visiting from FMF #21 this week.

  2. Joseph is where I went first. I love your poem. Lovely and honoring of Joseph and God!
    Thank you for writing and sharing!

  3. This is beautiful. I love that you took Joseph’s life and wrote a poem about it.

  4. God is always bigger than whatever circumstance I find myself in. FMF15

    • I like to hang onto that truth especially when pondering the story of Joseph

  5. It is beautiful how God’s love and kindness cause everything to work together for our good, Leisa.

    • Yes it sure is and often not what we anticipated


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