Are you longing to reconnect with the music that once brought you joy? As I reflect on my own musical journey, I realise the impact it had on my life. Growing up surrounded by the melodious tunes my grandparents cherished, I developed an unwavering love for music. From my first school recorder to joining the choir and exploring piano and flute, each note resonated within me, bringing me so much pleasure.

Eventually, I pursued my passion further and became a music teacher, sharing the gift of music with countless children. It was the essence of my being, my heart and soul. However, life’s pressures gradually mounted, suffocating the very music that had defined me.

In my book, “Hope Wins,” I share, how I gradually let the music slip away, note by note.

I remember a fellow flautist musing about the possibility of abandoning music after all those years. Little did I know that this same fate awaited me. Overwhelmed by the demands of life, I couldn’t find balance, and my focus shifted elsewhere. But then, a close friend, also a flautist, approached me last year, suggesting we play duets together. It was a wake-up call. I dusted off my neglected flute, and as we made music once again, I felt a surge of joy and fulfilment.

Now, I have an opportunity to join my school’s band. It’s a chance to rekindle the music that once fueled my soul. Although practice is necessary, I’ve come to realise that music can return, even if it’s just one note at a time. I encourage you not to let the music die in your own life. Whatever your passion may be, embrace your unique creative expression, whether it’s through photography, art, or nature drawing. Seek out opportunities to connect with the dormant music that resides within you. Allow it to radiate, as it breathes life into your being.

Even the simplest acts, like listening to the harmonious calls of a Blackbird in nature, can spark a revival of the heart. I recall the joy my father-in-law experienced as he sat on our back deck, whistling along with the birds, creating a symphony of pure delight. Our Creator has bestowed upon us wonders that generate music, whether it be through the melodies of nature, the resonance of instruments, or the harmonious songs we offer to God.

In Ephesians 5:19, it is written, “singing psalms, hymns, and spiritual songs among yourselves, and making music to the Lord in your hearts.” This verse reminds me of the profound connection between music, spirituality, and our innermost selves.

John Elridge poignantly stated, “If a man or a woman does not find those things for which their heart is made if they are never even invited to live for them from within in their deep heart, they will look for them in some other way.” Indeed, music holds tangible health benefits. It affects our cardiovascular system through various mechanisms, such as the autonomic nervous system and the vagus nerve, which respond to musical vibrations by inducing relaxation. Studies have shown that music interventions significantly impact heart rate and blood pressure in patients with coronary heart disease. In fact, listening to calming music can lower heart and respiration rates while reducing the heart’s oxygen demand, even for those recovering from a heart attack.

Having personally faced heart-related challenges, I have rediscovered the power of music in healing and renewal. It is crucial not to allow the music within us to fade away. So, pick up your instrument, hum that tune, immerse yourself in your favorite songs, and let the music become an offering of worship from our Heavenly Father to your soul!

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  1. Thanks for sharing this encouraging post.
    It made me happy to read that you are playing the flute again, and it ignited a very small spark within me to pick up what I’ve abandoned as well.

    • So glad to hear you may consider rekindling what you have abandoned I will let you know how I go with my flute!

  2. It is good to hear that you are playing your flute again. My granddaughter plays the flute and I so enjoy hearing her play!

  3. I’m delighted that rekindling your love of playing rekindled your love of music. Keep it up! 🙂


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