It only takes a moment to open the door and let His light pour in.

It only takes a moment to say yes, Lord, I know you win.

It only takes a moment to surrender dry places deep within.

It only takes a moment to let God fully come in.

Why did it take so long to trust you to come in?

My hurt and pain had once again blocked you from entering in.

It seemed easier for me to knock and follow your lead to steams and pastures that were lush and green.

Is it time to open my heart to places deep within?

So, when you knocked and said, let me see these places deep within, it only took a moment to say, ‘Oh Lord, please come in?’

There was no judgment, just gentleness as you sought a space to comfort me in.

Some tender words and a reassuring grin gave me deep peace within.

Jesus breathed His life, and the dry and parched slowly disappeared, bringing back to life what had died within.

It only took a moment to come into my heart and restore it once again.

It only took a moment to invite Him in.


  1. so beautifully spoken Leisa, I am encouraged by your words and message within today.
    visiting today from FMF#13

  2. So lovely and encouraging. Thank you.

  3. This is so beautiful! Thank you for writing and sharing. I leave your place encouraged.

  4. Refreshing, hope-filled encouragement! It takes just a moment, one invitation. I took that moment a few nights ago and a shooting star crosses my path!

  5. it only takes a moment…but sometimes those moments are longer in coming than needful. fmf15

    • Yes so true and we never know when they present so we need to be ready for them ❤️

  6. Lord, don’t want to break Your bubble,
    and I hope this makes You smile.
    I know fersure that You’ve got trouble,
    so come on in and rest awhile.
    I’ve got mates and they’ll bring guns,
    and there’s a savage dog or two,
    so, Dude God, whatever comes,
    we will be protecting You,
    and You can kick back with a beer
    (hang it all, just drink the case!)
    and You need not have no fear
    ’bout protection in this place,
    ’cause You should know that we are driven
    by the blessings You have given.

    • Our lives are made up of moments. thank you for taking a moment to uplift us and remind us that it is all about Jesus.

      Thank you for being able to share many moments with you.

      • And so many moments with you ❤️


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