Author Sallie Dawkins says ‘You can know the heart of God for your life’ P167,

Driving along the interstate through Florida last summer, I stopped for coffee. Coffee might help me stay alert, I thought. So, I diligently searched the roadway signs to find the nearest exit for a coffee shop.

I took the exit ramp and drove to a nearby shopping centre. The signs advertised coffee, but I didn’t see it. I went all along the front of the building looking for the shop and then drove through the shopping centre’s outer courts, determined to find it. Just as I pulled into the parking space, I heard Jesus say, if only you would look for Me this hard. If only my people loved Me more than anything else. If only my people loved Me more than coffee.

I read this story five minutes before I saw this week’s writing prompt, and I could not believe it. How God! This story speaks for itself, and I am challenged by it, especially as I love coffee. How about you?

Until next time, Leisa


  1. Yes, this is SOOOOOO true!! Thank you for sharing!

  2. “if only you would look for Me this hard. If only my people loved Me more than anything else.”. Leisa, this is such a good challenge and reminder. Thank you! I can’t do coffee but there are other things I’ve searched just as hard for. We need to follow hard after Him, eh? (Ps 63:8 KJV) Thanks for sharing. Your FMF neighbour, at #3 this week.

  3. hmm…. you have challenged my heart.

  4. Ah….our obsession with coffee. I totally understand the driving around looking for the best place.

    Then…wow…am I that drawn to Jesus?



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