I loved reading stories to my kids when they were little. I read to them every night. I loved Richard Scarry’s Busy Town, We’re Going on a Bear Hunt by Michael Rosen and The Very Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle. They were precious times snuggling up in bed and reading, and then spontaneously came the stories Ian and I made up, ‘Tricky the Trout’, was their favourite. The kids hung onto every word and couldn’t wait till the next night’s adventures when we had to create another new and exciting story.

My mum loved to listen to our extended family’s stories and invested her time and energy into recording them. She wrote her life story,’ A Life of Blessings,’ which took her ten years. After mum died I only really took the time to sit down and read her story. She often told many of her family stories intermingled with her own as we were growing up. The written story preserved our family history so our ancestors would not be forgotten! and now we know where our roots can be traced back to. Mum’s story was a gift!

I have had a natural yearning to tell my story because our stories bring history to life and show others that we may have shared experiences that can encourage and help others struggling with their own story. When we resonate with an account of someone’s story, it can change and impact our lives.

This is why Jesus used stories to connect with people. He knew how much impact they could have and spoke often in parables eg the story of the Prodigal Son in Luke 15:11-32 http://bit.ly/3n0iVPB

Whether the stories we tell are fiction or non-fiction they have an impact. However, in my opinion, the most life-changing real story to tell is the Gospel story. A story that is about the life of Jesus. Read about it in the Gospel of Mark http://bit.ly/3llgre7

It tells a story of forgiveness, hope and redemption of Jesus and His love.

I Love to Tell the Story – A Cappella – Chris Rupphttps sings a beautiful rendition of the old hymn ‘I love to tell the story https://youtu.be/OPtzKT-JLw0

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  1. The stories heard as children
    give meaning to our years,
    revealing what is hidden,
    a bulwark ‘gainst the fears
    that life may be a pointless maze
    that we finish on our knees, and at the very end of days
    we find there is no cheese.
    The tales t’were told have purpose
    and arcs that serve the truth;
    though it may seem a circus
    we find a shining proof
    that the puzzle pieces fit,
    and that the Lord sees all of it.

  2. How wonderful that your Mum wrote her story and the family stories down for all of you to remember and share. What a gift! Visiting from FMF#10

  3. Children’s stories are the best and I love the delight on their faces when we read them.

  4. Love this. Your mum’s book must be a real treasure.
    Thanks for sharing.

    • I am so glad that mum did that it is a precious gift for our family.

  5. What a gift—your mom writing her story. I wish I had that.

    You also mentioned so many of my own favorite childhood and classroom books.


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