I was excited to have the opportunity to share our story on ‘Joni and Friends


There are two episodes and an informative webpage if you are keen to know more.

Part 1 – Hope Wins: Don’t let disability steal your Hope


Part 2 – Community: A key to Hope for families living with Disability

Are you practising “HOPE” (Having Other People Engaged) in your life?

When life gets hard, Leisa Williams wants you to lean into God and lean into the community. But she knows that staying connected doesn’t always come easily.

When Leisa learned that her son, Justin, had autism, the burdens of disability initially made her want to withdraw from others. Now, after twenty years of living with a disability, Leisa returns to the podcast to talk about the power of the Christian community, especially when dealing with a disability.

Listen in to hear about HOPE: Having Other People Engaged, and God’s faithfulness in the midst of hardship.


Hope you are blessed and encouraged let me know in the comments below, blessings Leisa


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